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MediumpathWall and Revenuewall
Published on 20-11-2018



For higher earnings,

Members can now, complete surveys on MediumpathWall and Revenuewall .


Search there the best and most profits surveys on the internet.


Kind regards


Buxxter membership for free
Published on 10-11-2018


Complete 10  Revenuewall  survey's.

Can be one for each day till you reach 10.

Or can be 10 at once.

Once you complete 10 survey,s open a support ticket.

We will offer the Buxxter membership for you.


Hope you like it.

Kind regards


Offerwalls Requirement and new Wall
Published on 19-10-2018


Dear Members,

In Order to We process your cashout please do the follow requirements :


- For Each time you have a Cashout request At least you need :

- 10 Clicks or More on Ptcwall.

- 10 Clicks or More on Myadswall.

- 10 Clicks or More on Offers4all.

- 10 Clicks or More on Clixwall.


We also have a new Profit wall ( RevenueWall ), Is very profit.


We will check each cashout and process it soon as possible.


Kind regards



standard members cashout
Published on 15-10-2018


We would like to inform, that Standard members can request cashout.

Payment´s will be done whith :

Payeer and Perfectmoney.

The Max whidraw is 0.50$. Whith fees included the total amount will be 0.21$.

We will rise this limit soon as the site income improves.

We also request that all members complete the offerwalls offers.

More income, more fast payment´s.

Kind regards Admin

Solidtrustpay acount upgraded
Published on 10-10-2018



We upgraded  our Solidtrustpay acount.

You may  deposit funds trought Solidtrustpay,using your credit/debit  card whith out having a solidtrustpay acount.


Have a good day.

Kind regards.

Admin Buxxter.