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Hello everyone...
Again on behalf of Admin, Buxxter i will relay to you this message, a simple task, but really will be a great help to Buxxter.

We are encouraging those who are or will be involved to give time to do this whenever payments have been sent so that newcomers and visitors will see and also to help us grow and prove our worth of being here.

However, for those who still has doubts on how to do it here is a simple tutorial.

1. On your payment processor (ex: Payzal, PerfectMoney, etc...) find the transaction and click the link for the details.

2. Press the “Print Screen” or "Prt Sc" key on your keyboard you can see it next to F12 key generally.


3. Now open the MS Paint from the start menu (Win OS) or use any image editing software.

4. Press the Ctrl+V on your keyboard (this is to paste the picture). You can crop it to your desired size. Do not forget to erase or blur your transaction number and personal email for your account's security.

5. Save the picture, (hit Ctrl+S on your keyboard) into your 'Pictures Folder' or any location on your PC, but make sure you know where to find it.

6. Now open your image hosting provider (ex. postimage, tinypic, photobucket, etc...).

7. Click on 'browse' button to upload, after the image is fully loaded you will see the image and a series of codes (direct URL, html codes, bbcodes, etc...) you just need the 'direct URL' copy this and go to the Payment Proofs section and create a new topic.

8. In the editor (see figure below), click the square image to paste the picture (see green arrow) a dialogue box will appear then put your generated image URL in the URL field (see red arrow) and hit the 'OK' button after that in the editor box you will see your image URL inside the img_/img parameters (see blue arrow) now hit the 'New Topic' button below the editor (see black arrow), to finish the operation and that's it you have posted your payment proof screenshot.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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